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Xthera Live data

Intelligent Subsurface Data Acquisition

Better Data

Live Data

Faster Data

Efficient Data

High Quality Data

Data while Drilling

Data sent real time anywhere

Low risk retrieval

Drilling data not connected to hydraulics

Log data MWD via wireless EM Communication

Bringing innovative Oil & Gas technology to all drillers and geologists in the mining world. 



Drilling Dynamics Recording

Measure accurate drilling data including:


1. Depth

2. Rate of Penetration

3. Rig Orientation & Mast Angle

4. GPS Latitude, Longitude and Elevation of Rig

5. Weight on Bit

6. Drill String Weight

7. RPM of Drill String

8. Torque at surface on drill string

9. Pump pressure and down going air temperature

10. Shock and Vibration of Drill String (500Hz)

Dynamic recording drilling


Measure accurate downhole data including: 

1. Inclination

2. Azimuth

3. Gamma Ray

Real time quality data for every drilled hole






  • Placed on the top of the drill string

  • Monitors

    • RPM, torque, temp., inclination, axial force, vibration, and down-going air pressure

  • Communicates to drillNET via a cabled slip-ring interface.



  • Gathers, processes, displays, and transmits the data

  • GPS, mast position, depth, slips status

  • Consist of electronics rack, internet box, driller’s display tablet, encoder, slips sensor



  • Retrievable section

  • Electronics, sensors, batteries

  • Measurements

  • Same parameters as DDR

  • Downhole Gamma Ray, Inclination, Azimuth

  • Data – both live and memory



  • Placed behind the hammer

  • A mechanical carrier for the probe

  • EM telemetry

  • No DG



An innovative approach to data acquisition

Xthera brings innovative high end Oil & Gas technology to the mining industry  providing an all in one solution for measuring high quality drilling and borehole data in-situ, at the bit, in real time. We use innovative EM telemetry, a low risk method for retrieving expensive downhole sensors, easy to use equipment and a ready made way to transmit data back to the office. 

We are offering this technology, that usually only major oil and gas services provide, available to all. 

Live data to the cloud

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